Lava flow from Pacaya volcano heading towards settlements, Guatemala

High-level effusive activity continues on the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala, with columns of abundant ash lasting from a few minutes to hours, reaching 3 km above sea level and moving 7 km southward. The lava flow reached the coffee plantations and swallowed a house near the village of El Patrosinio.

This activity causes ash falls in communities south of the volcano such as Finca El Chupadero and Los Pocitos.

Effusive activity continues to feed the 2,950 m long lava flow on the western flank as of March 31.

INSIVUMEH seismic stations register constant tremors associated with the rise of magma, as well as continuous degassing of the crater.

It is possible that more lava flows or degassing columns with abundant ash are formed on the other flanks.

The next community is El Patrosinio, located 1.5 km from where the lava flow is currently located.