Editor of BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine calls for end to masks in schools, declares zero evidence they prevent anything

(Planet Today) Professor Carl Heneghan, a professor of evidence-based medicine and editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) publication Evidence-Based Medicine, has issued a warning that face masks are “useless” at protecting against infection with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

During a recent appearance on British news, Heneghan explained that forcing children to wear a face covering all day long while at school is especially pointless – and many would say harmful – because cloth and plastic have never been proven to stop the spread.

“In the absence of evidence, if you think they should be wearing them, go and talk to some children,” Heneghan says. “That’s what I’ve done and said, ‘What’s the reality on the ground? What’s it like for you in class? How does it feel?’ And I can tell you they hate them.”

“They find it really difficult. They don’t adhere to the guidelines, so, for instance, they go in the pocket to pull them out. That’s a dangerous issue with co-infections and the potential for that to stay infected for a period of time.”

Heneghan believes in taking a common sense, precautionary approach when it comes to imposing interventions like masks that have the potential to cause harm. The government seems to be mandating them willy-nilly using not science but fear and superstition as backing. In Heneghan’s apparent view, this is a mistake.

“So, I think, look, it comes back to at the end of the day common sense. And, in effect, we’re going in two weeks’ time, they’re being told they can remove them,” he says.

“I think, again, the government should start to look cool and calmly at the data, and then think, ‘Where does it have an evidence base and where doesn’t it?’ And that’s all I ever do is say, ‘Where’s the evidence to inform what we do?’ And if it’s lacking, then you have to err on the side of not intervening.”

Heneghan directs the NIHR SPCR Evidence Synthesis Working Group, a collaboration of nine primary care departments across various universities in the United Kingdom. He also directs the Oxford Covid Evidence Services, which oversees more than 400 peer-reviewed publications.

Heneghan further edits the Catalogue of Bias, a consortium of definitions, explanations and examples of some of the most important biases that can affect health research.

If your children are struggling to breathe every day, you have Fauci to thank

That someone of this caliber is speaking out against masks says a lot. As far as we can tell, Heneghan is more in-the-know than Anthony Fauci, who seems to know nothing about public health, hence why he is constantly flip-flopping about the simplest things.

At first, Fauci said masks were bad. Then they were good. Then they were bad again. Now they are good again. The guy just cannot get his story straight, and tens of millions of innocent children are now having to suffer through the school day muzzled and suffocated.

“The sun kills the virus and it is blatantly stupid and child abuse for these kids to be wearing masks,” wrote one commenter at Citizen Free Press.

“There is no evidence masks work,” wrote another. “They don’t stop infections or transmission of viruses, but they do harm health and may lead to death in immunocompromised people.”

Yet another pointed out that while a mask might block large particles like dust while you are sweeping your garage, they certainly are not effective at blocking microscopic virus particles that pass right through their mesh with almost zero resistance.

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