Brainwashing America’s children through a warped, skewed, and perverted mainstream education

(Planet-Today) Education in America has become not much more than the State indoctrination vehicle, from kindergarten all the way through undergraduate college. The creators of the curriculum have dumbed-down math, rewritten history falsely, and infused bias that all white people are born gifted, prejudice, elitist, racist, and spoon-fed. White people are now being trained to hate themselves and degrade themselves just because they weren’t born with colored skin. (Article by SD Wells republished from

All public schools and most colleges are focused entirely on reverse-racist social justice initiatives and gender-fluid, trans-everything philosophies, keeping students narrow-minded and focused on senseless rules, hatred, low-self esteem, hating America, and experimenting with anything sexual, even on down into the low elementary grades. It’s pathetic, perverted, and communistic by design, yet most parents cannot even see it.

Distance learning incapacitates real learning by limiting collaboration, group thinking, peer relationships, and proper adult guidance

There’s nothing more destructive to education in this world than distance learning, and the Democrats know it. No more hands-on manipulatives and materials for math that help so many children that are mainly visual learners. That’s all gone with distance learning. All work is now done with your face buried in a computer screen, at home, isolated from humanity and critical thinking objectives. That’s all out the window with distance learning.

Some students go to school, only to find out the teachers are teaching from home themselves, so it’s still just a warped face on a computer screen babbling about sex and racism. These millennial libtard snowflakes are so insecure and wounded they can’t even think an original thought and express it, for fear they get shot down and branded as insensitive and offensive.

Then there’s all the dirty energy and electricity coming from the Chrome books and smart devices that these kids are exposed to very closely for 7 to 12 hours a day, non-stop. They do their classwork on the devices. They talk to friends on their 5-G phones. They play video games with their faces 1 or 2 feet from the screen. They do their homework on the devices. They do projects on Google Slides and MS Word. It’s massive overexposure to toxic EMF’s, and it’s not healthy, in fact it’s detrimental to health, as science reveals time and time again.

Sex, Self-Hatred and Racism – The Ultimate Distractions for Kids, Teens and College students

Start talking about how there’s no difference between a man and a woman and see how many kids and teens perk up and listen. All of them. They’ll give you their undivided attention to understand your point of view on the topic. They want to know if what they’re seeing all over social media is true, and if their teacher is “hip to it” or not. Say the words gender fluid, non-binary or genderqueer, and you won’t have to ask anyone to stop doing anything else, because they will.

It’s all kind of Freudian, and that’s what’s so scary. Communists and Marxists want sex “on the map” at all times, as it distracts everyone from thinking about what matters, and the farce of an education they’re getting right now. This warped curriculum is impacting children’s health, science, social studies, English, and Language Arts in general.

Teaching young children about sexual relations and sexual orientation is overwhelming, intrusive, and completely uncalled for. It’s also cheapening sex, instructing children that they should be promiscuous, and have several partners of different sexual orientations and that it’s healthy to want to switch from being a boy to a girl or vice versa, using hormones and getting permanent surgery. Doctors are now encouraged to speak to children alone, away from the parents, so they can encourage drugs and surgery for sex-change operations that can ruin the child’s libido and self-opinion forever.

Have no illusions, ‘Rome’ (America) is burning. Watch this ten-minute video that explains how a Marxist takeover of America is underway, and they are brainwashing all the children, teens, and college kids right now as you sit there figuring it out.

Tune into for updates on warped education, fake global warming, and the great zero-carbon conspiracy.

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