Before the 17th eruption of the Italian volcano Etna, a UFO plunged into it

The activity of UFOs penetrating into terrestrial volcanoes was previously recorded on the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl, but on March 31, the same event was recorded on the Italian volcano Etna, just before the beginning of the 17th period of activity accompanied by the eruption of lava flows.
What is this strange luminous object flying directly into the crater of the volcano on March 31, 2021, just hours before its 17th paroximal eruption?

Experts characterized the last eruption of a fiery volcano as very powerful even by the standards of Etna, because:

It lasted significantly longer than any other explosion: about 12 hours of lava fountains and very long rise and fall phases, as a result of which the entire episode lasted almost two days!

A new effusive outlet has opened at the southern base of the cone …