Attorney sues CDC and HHS over Covid-19 tyranny, urges Americans to resist

(Planet-Today) Thomas Renz, an attorney from Ohio who attended the recent Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa, Okla., is suing both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for lying about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

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In order to plunge the country into tyranny, these two federal agencies, both under Donald Trump and now Joe Biden, artificially inflated Chinese Virus “case” numbers and death counts. They then used this fake data to implement lockdowns, mask policies, business closures, experimental vaccination, and various other destructive interventions.

Renz is urging everyone to do whatever they can to put an end to all this authoritarian enslavement. Assuming that it will all just go away on its own without a fight is wishful thinking, and American patriots need to continue taking a stand against it.

“Fight,” Renz told LifeSiteNews at the conference. “Don’t accept that you have to wear a mask. Don’t accept that you have to inject an experimental vaccination in your kid’s arm. Do not do it. We have the ability to fight.”

“Call your county commissioners. Call your town council – whoever you’ve got to call. Call someone. Do something. Educate your friends.”

None of this has ever been about “saving lives”

Renz stressed the fact that this does not mean that people should get overly upset. As difficult as it might be to continue living in this “new normal,” the best method of dealing with it is to be rational but also firm in every dealing.

“That doesn’t mean scream at them,” Renz says. “That doesn’t mean yell at them. It certainly doesn’t mean yell at the $9-an-hour guy in the store who’s saying ‘you’ve got to wear a mask or I get fired.'”

“What it means is you’ve (got to) start reaching out and educating people, telling them there’s truth that’s out there. You’re just not seeing it in the media because the media’s complicit. It’s unbelievable, the corruption.”

All Renz is saying is that people need to equip themselves with the information necessary to educate others, whether that be family members, friends, the coffee shop barista, the local city council, or whomever.

“Take a stand,” Renz says. “Be willing to stand for something. Be willing to fight for something.”

As an attorney who recognizes the many facets of the scamdemic, Renz is really busy right now challenging the lockdowns, mask mandates and business closures. He says he is filing “an awful lot of lawsuits” while “trying to cause as much of a stink as possible” in order “to get our freedom back.”

One of his clients, who has stage-four cancer, was actually put at risk because of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdowns. She tried to ask for special permission to travel in order to get to her post-op appointment but was denied.

“My first client in was this lady who was immediate post-[operation] on stage four cancer,” Renz explained.

“We had to go to the media because we had approached the governor of Ohio and asked him for an exemption because no one was allowed to travel, no one was allowed to do anything, everybody was locked down, and she needed to get to her post-op appointment and she was unable to do so because of the lockdown.”

Gov. Mike DeWine, it turns out, could not have cared any less about this woman’s life. In the name of “saving lives,” he put hers at needless risk, which just goes to show that none of this is about helping people stay alive.

“So, I knew it was fraudulent,” Renz admitted. “I mean, the numbers weren’t adding up. These people weren’t doing what they said they were doing. They didn’t actually care about lives.”

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