5 Ways Contact With Extraterrestrials Will Save Our Civilization

For over six years I’ve been involved in the extraterrestrial and disclosure movement. Not only have I met those who have had real contact experiences, I’m one of those rare people who have too. In fact, I believe contact with these special beings could be a golden ticket to rescuing our planet and civilization from peril.

No, aliens haven’t showed up in my living room looking for a cup of tea. Rather, I’ve had insane UFO sightings and experienced the ethereal presence of ETs so powerfully the experience was undeniable.

One time in Mexico I witnessed nearly 100 orange UFOs streaming across the sky in a DNA spiral.

And after staring in awe for nearly an hour I had crop circle like visuals every time I closed my eyes for 3-days. I’ve never thought something like that was possible. And yes, I was completely sober.

I’ve talked and been privy to the research of physicists, engineers, doctors, and even politicians and relatives to politicians that have all said the same thing…

Not only are extraterrestrials real, they are already making contact with the Earth, the government and the military. And that disclosure to the mass general public will forever change the course of humanity, and it’s only a matter of time.

So how exactly will contact with these beings change the course of our history and civilization?

1. Cleaning Up the Environment

Extraterrestrials are known for transforming planets into habitable environments for various species. This is commonly known as Terraforming.

ETs are specialists when it comes to mastering the elements, replenishing environments, and turning waste into reusable resources.

Apparently, they have their own method of 3D printing planets, so to speak. They can also shift physical matter, such as mountains and landscapes with sound and light, the way wind can moves grains of sand.

We are already beginning to discover ways to turn our trash, plastic and pollution back into sustainable energy. Of course a highly advanced species would have far superior technologies to support us with this process, not to mention the ability for us to harness vast amount of energy far beyond our needs.

It’s been prophesied that ET contact could lead to rapid evolution sustainable technologies, cleaning up the oceans, air, resolving drought, new food cultivation and nutrition technologies.

It’s hard to determine how fast and profound contact with ETs could be influential in cleaning up our environment.

2. Creating Global Peace

Did you know that the main cause of war and violence is lack of resources? That it’s been proven that when people have the basic needs of food, water, shelter and health care, the crime, rape and suicide rates drop to extremely low levels.

Aside from resources, the presence of benevolent extraterrestrials literally demonstrate the notion of peace. Beings of superior consciousness who are present simply to assist and learn from one another, gives us a new perspective of how to treat our own human family and animal, plant and fungus relatives.

Perhaps Contact could help us unify as a human planet. Respecting all of our own free will in our lives, yet acknowledging we are sharing one planet, as one species all working for the same goal, to thrive.

3. Spiritually Awakening Humanity

Contact with ETs would start the process of people all over the World confronting the most major questions we’ve ever faced, looking for all new answers…

Where are we from? Is there a God? How does the Universe work? What’s our purpose?
Spiritual connection
This is true soul seeking. Every major religious institution would have to revisit their teachings and stances on our place within the Universe. Every government would have to answer and reveal some major secrets.

Contact implies transparency in the World’s largest institutions. This process of asking big questions, and critical information being revealed, would absolutely enlighten humanity to a greater awareness. This awareness would undoubtedly advance us spiritually. Not to mention, giving us the greatest capacity ever to connect to Spiritual forces within the Universe.

4. Advancing Our Exploration of Space

Most those who have really taken the time to consider the vastness of space have come to the inevitable conclusion that extraterrestrials, both lesser and more evolved than us, have to exist. There is no question.

Space is super massive, and truly with the advancements of technology that are happening at such a rapid rate, who knows what ways we will discover how to explore space in the near future.

Did you know that asteroids are flying by our planet every day with trillions of dollars of precious metals, such as platinum? Our exploration of space could be humanity’s most exciting method of helping evolve humanity forward and lift the planet out of poverty.
From my research and experiences, ETs have highly advanced spacecraft that can bend the dimensions of space and time to a quantum travel. They can harness the energy of the plasma existing everywhere within space.

These beings are masters of exploring space. Often, many of them oversee the development of budding species all over the galaxies, all at varying levels of evolution. There are no limits when space is your playground and all friendly beings on all levels of creation can be treated as your relatives.

5. Unlocking Our Evolutionary Potential

From crystals to sound to energy, Contact with ETs will so exponentially advance our understanding and evolution of what is possible we can barely imagine what’s in store for us.

We are just starting to discover the science of the codes within our DNA, our brain, the power of our heart, and in the years that follow we will unlock the power of true human potential and energy.

Aging, health, sciences, technology, resources, infinite energy. We are infants in the discovery of these things when you really look at the scale of time. Advanced ETs may have wisdom that can be shared with us that are thousands of years more advanced than we, propelling us forward.

It’s said that Star Trek got it right, that ETs have a non-intervention policy when it comes to developing races. That we as a Global Species have to create planetary peace, and then welcome their presence and assistance in order for it to arrive.

That like life, they can’t fix everything for us, that we must do the real work ourselves, and that when we are ready, we can team up and propel into the great mystery of possibility.

So, what will it take for us to be ready to realize as a species that contact has already arrived?

By Amateo Ra

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