Who attacked the pilots in the air?

“Our world is very weakly protected from the strange and sudden danger that threatens it. There is also a jungle in the upper layers of the atmosphere, and they are inhabited by creatures worse than tigers. ” This is how Arthur Conan Doyle’s fantastic story “The Horror of the Heights”, which was published in 1913, begins. The genius writer did not even suspect how close he was to the truth.

The hero of the story, pilot Joyce Armstrong, was torn to pieces by monsters right in the air. The terrible truth was helped to reveal his notebook, found among the slime-covered wreckage of the plane. In 1939, Conan Doyle’s plot became a reality!

Once a military transport plane took off from an airfield in San Diego, making regular flights to the Hawaiian Islands. Three hours later, the radio operators received a distress signal from him.

Then the transmitter was silent. But soon from the control tower they saw the ill-fated plane returning to the airfield. He barely reached the runway and landed on the bottom without releasing the landing gear.

When rescuers and firefighters arrived at the emergency landing site, they found a terrible picture. Although the cockpit remained unscathed, everything inside was covered in blood. The pilot and flight engineer lay dead. The lacerations on their bodies looked like they were being attacked by sharks. The co-pilot, who brought the plane to the airfield, was dying of blood loss. He passed away without a word.

The entire floor of the cockpit was littered with spent cartridges. Not a single cartridge remained in the pistols of both pilots. There was a heavy smell of rotten eggs on the plane. All rescuers who worked on the plane subsequently suffered from skin irritation.

A quarter of a century later, two pilots flew in a small private jet from Nome, Alaska. A few hours later, the voice of one of them sounded on the air: “Help! Help! Blinding light surrounds us! Both motors failed! This creature … “. The voice suddenly broke. Nobody found out anything about what happened.

On September 8, 1970, an F-94 military aircraft disappeared in the night sky over Beanbrook (England). Shortly before his disappearance, the radar operator received a very strange message from the pilot, Captain Schaeffner:

“I have eye contact … It’s something vague, without a clear outline. It is a bluish light. Damn, well, brightness! Very bright … I’m next to him now. It’s a cone … Hey wait, there’s something else here! It looks like a big soccer ball made of glass … Maybe there is a magnetic relationship between it and the cone. There is a glowing haze. Yellow. Just a second … He turns. Heading straight for me … making a maneuver to deviate … I can firm … “.

The connection was lost.

Only two months later, Scheffner’s plane was found at the bottom of the North Sea. It was almost intact, as if someone had carefully lowered it under water. The strangest thing was that all the belts and the ejection seat remained on the plane, but … there were no signs of the pilot! This means that someone kidnapped Captain Schaeffner without unfastening the seat belts, or then fastened them back.

During the incident with the “F-94″ the police and coast guard received many reports of UFOs.

“When I went outside, I saw bright objects in the sky,” said Englishwoman Jill Cooper. “I brought the binoculars and saw that they were six plate-shaped bodies of silver-metallic color. In the middle of each of them an orange swirling flame shone. ”

On the same night, three eyewitnesses walked the dog along the path along Elmouth Harbor in Northumberland. This is a point lying on the opposite side of the North Sea in relation to the point at which Schaeffner encountered a UFO.

“We were walking for about ten minutes when we heard a high-pitched buzzing sound,” they later said. – The dog growled, looking up, we could not understand where the sound was coming from. It seemed to be coming from everywhere … This lasted 10-15 seconds. About five minutes later, a lightning appeared on the eastern side of the sky, which did not extinguish for about ten seconds. For the next three minutes, the flashes were repeated many times, but already lasted 1-2 seconds. It resembled the northern lights. The amazing sight was completely silent. After 2-3 minutes, another flare lit up the sky, but this time it was accompanied by a terrible disturbing sensation; we felt ringing in our ears. ”

Conan Doyle was right. It seems that there are indeed creatures “worse than tigers” in the Earth’s atmosphere …

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