The mystery of ancient Neanderthal skulls with bullet holes

The fact that people appeared at some point in history on planet earth destroyed the Neanderthals, staging genocide against this ancient earthly race and ultimately exterminating it completely. In essence, it was the invasion of people and the takeover of the planet.

The number of facts – archaeological, scientific, historical and medical, has already passed the point to which it was possible to tell people fairy tales about “Darwin’s theory”. Now even scientists are not afraid to make fun of this theory quite openly.

The fact that people are completely not adapted to life on this planet has never been refuted by scientists, it was simply not advertised. But, then the question arises – if a person is not the root race of the Earth, then where did we come from?

Scientists who previously laughed at theories about mating people with Neanderthals in order to create a hybrid race and receive DNA from the indigenous people that would allow them to adapt to earthly conditions, now they themselves say and write many articles that – yes, people mated with Neanderthals and as a result mating we received essentially “keys” to the Earth.

In each of us there is a piece of the Neanderthal gene code, which allowed people to live on the new planet. It was not just genocide with the extermination of the indigenous earthly race, it was a very technological and thoughtful action.

At first, as a result of experiments, mating or genetic engineering, a hybrid of a Neanderthal and a human was obtained, or through genetic engineering, the genetic code of Neanderthals was added to the genetic code of the conquerors – humans.

However, this is a completely different story, and in this article we will talk about Neanderthal skulls with bullet holes. Yes – with bullet holes in the temple area.

Science is still holding the line and continues to argue that at the time when Neanderthals and humans met on earth, both of them had nothing but primitive clubs and stone axes.

Man, allegedly due solely to his cunning, was able to destroy the Neanderthals, who were much more developed physically and were better adapted to life on Earth.

Only now, the ancient skulls with bullet holes tell us that those who destroyed the Neanderthals were not armed with spears or clubs.

It is easy to understand that history is full of contradictions, and sometimes does not contain records of certain events at all. This casts doubt on the accuracy and veracity of the “universally recognized history of mankind.”

In 1921, a Swiss miner named Tom Zwiglaar made a scientific discovery while working in a zinc mine in present-day Zambia. At a depth of about 18 meters, Zviglaar removed the skull of an early hominid, the upper jaw and some other bone fragments from the ground.

Named for the place where it was discovered, the Broken Hill skull was the first evidence of a primitive human species called Homo rhodesiensis (Rhodesian man).

The skull is believed to be between 125,000 and 300,000 years old and can now be viewed at the Natural History Museum in London. But there is more to this skull than meets the eye.

On the left temporal bone there is a small round hole, which, according to forensic experts, could only be caused by a projectile flying at a high speed. On the opposite side, the parietal plate is crushed from the inside.

This suggests that what hit the ancient man’s head penetrated the left side of his head, retaining enough force to break the bone on the opposite side. It was undoubtedly a fatal blow. But how was this done?

A reasonable explanation would be that the hole was made by an arrow or a spear. But these vestigial low velocity projectiles leave different marks on the bones. When an arrow hits, it creates cracks emanating from the point of impact. There are no arrow marks on Broken Hill’s skull.

A clean round hole suggests a small and very fast projectile. As noted by forensic experts, a bullet fits the parameters of the holes in the skull. In fact, the ancient skull shows the same damage as the victims of the gunshot wound.

How can it be? Traditional history tells us that gunpowder was not invented until the 9th century AD, and the first firearms were produced several centuries later. This is a far cry from the estimated age of Broken Hill’s skull.

The depth at which it was found excludes the possibility of a modern skull accidentally ending up in an older geological formation.

The skull itself belongs to a hominid much older than modern times. The evidence is at odds with traditional archeology, and a single explanation would be detrimental to accepted scientific paradigms.

If this skull were the only one of its kind, its unusual hole could be explained as the result of “exposure to an unknown force.” But this is not the only such artifact.

On the other side of the world, in the Lena River valley in Russia, archaeological excavations have uncovered the skull of an extinct cattle species called bison. This wild bull first appeared two million years ago and became extinct about four thousand years ago.

Although it comes from a more ancient period, this skull has a hole of the same type as in Zambia.

The bone around the hole is calcified, suggesting that the animal survived the shot and its wound healed.

If you want to see this skull with your own eyes, you should visit the Museum of Paleontology in Moscow, since it was there that it was kept.

Naturally, the scientific world completely ignores these artifacts. Unofficial researchers put forward various hypotheses, some that aliens killed ancient hominids, and others that it was the work of time travelers. Only both of these theories are more like a plot for a science fiction film than reality.

The truth is that both of these skulls show that the technology we call modern was used in ancient times – hundreds of thousands of years ago. These skulls are just additional confirmation that human history has been completely rewritten.

Why did humanity put so much effort to erase its real history? It seems to me that the answer lies on the surface. We are people, we are not the indigenous inhabitants of the planet earth. We are the invaders, enslavers, colonizers who captured it.

But, this is a completely different story about which we may talk in the following articles.