The authorities of the American state of Oregon are investigating another series of mysterious mutilations of cattle

Oregon authorities are investigating yet another series of mysterious cattle mutilations that have plagued the state for the past several years.

The last such event was recorded this month, when the Crook County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release in which they announced to the public that they were in the process of investigating “several suspicious cattle deaths” that occurred on “very remote lands on private ranches, and also on state land BLM “.

The Crook County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday that it is investigating several suspected cattle deaths and possible injuries in rural eastern and southern parts of the county over the past week. The police department said it was planning additional patrols and urged ranchers to be vigilant.

While the bulletin did not detail where and when the incidents occurred, it did provide information that “the cause of the deaths of the cattle was not natural”.

Sergeant Mitch Madden of the sheriff’s office subsequently provided the local TV station with a bit more information, informing them that they were investigating three cases, as well as a possible fourth event, and that in each case “certain body parts were removed from the cows.”
The Police Department urges the public, especially ranchers, to be vigilant and watch for any unusual activity.

This new wave of cattle mutilation follows at least five cases reported last year in the state, as well as a highly publicized 2019 incident in which five animals were mutilated in completely unnatural ways.

In all cases, various parts of the body were removed from the animals, mainly the tongue, eyes, udder, and genitals. intestines, cheeks, ears.

Organs were removed from still living animals, which were somehow immobilized. The procedure did not cause bleeding due to the use of instruments not available in earthly surgery. All carcasses at the end of the organ harvesting procedure were bled.

The FBI has a dossier of thousands of such mysterious murders and mutilations of cattle (and people) in the United States since the 1970s, but not a single investigation has been completed and the perpetrators have not been found.

Simply because all these cases were accompanied by the appearance of UFOs and the technology with the help of which these procedures, inhuman in their cruelty, are carried out on earth are absent.

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