Researcher Erwin Saunders Filmed Tiny Green Men In The Forest

Three years ago, British resident Erwin Saunders began posting videos on YouTube about how he searches for tiny magic men in the forest.

In British folklore, they are called fairies, elves, pixies, and in other words, and their common name is fairies. Faeries live in their own world, which is invisible to people, but sometimes they can show themselves.

The little people in Saunders’ videos are a little larger than a human finger, don’t wear clothes, they have large, pointed ears and wide mouths.

The little people look and move very naturally, so either Saunders creates them using high-quality computer graphics, or … they really are real.

Of course, Saunders has much more critics than fans, it is difficult to believe that creatures really live in the forests, as if taken from children’s fairy-tale books or fantasy films.

Saunders says he has to wait many hours to see the fairies before catching a glimpse of them. Therefore, most often he lures them out with small pieces of sandwich, and sometimes sweets. They especially love sherbet and biscuits.

One day the little men spotted Saunders and shot him with an arrow with some kind of substance that left him in an “altered state.”

According to journalists, Erwin Saunders’ video looks more like an eccentric art project than a real hoax, because it is extremely unlikely that the mischievous fairy-tale creatures really hide in the forests next to people all this time.

However, over the past three years, “Internet detective”s have not been able to reveal who is behind Saunders’ video, who makes computer graphics for him, if this is it, and if it is a hoax, then why is it so deliberately “fake.”

CGI or not isn’t the point, Erwin Saunders is taking you on a magical journey so just enjoy.

Questions, in this case, were also added by the sudden disappearance of Saunders a year ago, he simply stopped uploading his videos to the network. However, a month ago he returned with a video announcement and promised to continue his work.

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