Iceland: The likelihood of volcanic eruptions increases every day

Iceland: The likelihood of volcanic eruptions increases every day

GPS data show that magma accumulation under Natthaga south of Fagradalsfjall remains consistently high. This is in the same place where the seismic activity was highest.

The longer this lasts, the higher the likelihood of an eruption with the release of lava flows. An eruption at Natthag may cause lava to spill over the Sudurstrandarwegur. So says Benedikt Efeigsson, a crustal movement specialist at the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

The flow of magma ran into something, we do not know what, maybe it is an underground rock, now the pressure will grow there and we are just registering this one. When the force of pressure overcomes the obstacle, an explosion will occur and the ejection of hot lava to the surface, Icelandic volcanologists say.

The longer magma is held in the same location, the more likely it is to erupt.

“The pressure is increasing, and we see it in GPS, we see it in seismic activity, and I would say the chances are increasing every day. This can take days or weeks. I think it won’t be long to wait. But it depends on what the obstacle is. How much pressure can she withstand before she breaks. “

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