Iceland: 900 earthquakes recorded overnight

Iceland: 900 earthquakes recorded overnight

More than 1,900 earthquakes have been recorded on the Reykjanes Peninsula since midnight on March 13, according to experts at the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

The most activity was in Fagradalsfjall, as in recent days, but several earthquakes have been recorded south of Keilir. To date, 20 earthquakes of magnitude greater than 3 have been measured, one of which has occurred in Trölladdinga.

The strongest earthquake of the day had a magnitude of 4.6 and was recorded a little over half past one last night. The earthquake was felt in many parts of the south and southwest of the country.

Around 4:00 pm today, a magnitude 3.4 earthquake shook the region about one and a half kilometers southwest of Keilir. He was found in the metropolitan area and in Borgarnes.

Since the beginning of the earthquake on February 24, a total of more than 41,000 earthquakes have been recorded in the area.

Many residents of Grindwick are beginning to suffer from insomnia, and some have fled from this situation. Gunnhildur Bjorgvinsdottir, one of them says it is difficult to always be able to react. “You just start to freak out. The person is always in this fear and state of reaction. What happens and it starts to manifest.”

Gunnhildur and her family are used to everything. Her husband escaped from the Westman Islands eruption when he was twelve years old. Now they, Gunnhildur, have fled with their whole family to a hotel in Selfoss.

Gunnhildur says that she is not scared, but the insomnia is starting to bore her. She says that most earthquakes are felt, no matter how strong. “You’re just always on the lookout all night.”

Gunnhildur and her family are not the only ones who need rest after earthquakes. “You never get used to it, you never know what kind of strong earthquake will happen. After that, it all vibrates for so long, ”says Theodor Wilbergsson.

“You worry, and when I wake up in the night with a shiver, I feel like I’m starting to go crazy,” says Maria Benonisdottir, a resident of Grindwick.

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