Giant cracks cover the Arizona desert

Giant cracks cover the Arizona desert
These huge cracks in the ground threaten people, property, infrastructure and livestock.

Giant cracks are opening not only in Mexico, but also in arid Arizona. These cracks in the ground pose a threat to cattle, wildlife and unwary people.

And because they tend to develop perpendicular to surface drainage, they can trap runoff and turn into large ravines.

Most of Arizona’s terrestrial cracks occur in the corridor between Tucson and Phoenix and from Phoenix to the west along Interstate 10.

Here is an example of one of these giant cracks in Arizona that opened in the land of the Navajo people. The still growing 900-foot fissure is 12 miles north of I-40. In places it reaches a depth of 500 feet.

The U.S. Geological Survey has no real answer other than the growing stress in the local rock formations, which has led to the formation of cracks.

This giant crack lies east of Flagstaff on Lupp Road and about one mile west of Leuppa gas station.

It became so big that it had to be planted. The large rift is worrying many Navajo and Arizona residents as concerns about the rift widening are mounting.

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