Danish Institute data: Ice melting in Greenland has slowed significantly over the past decade

The media and “climate” activists, including a number of “climatologists”, have stated that the melting of ice in Greenland is accelerating due to global warming.

However, evidence shows that this has not happened in recent years. All the recent talk about accelerating ice melting in Greenland in recent years is a lie.

The SMB plot of Greenland’s surface mass balance (blue curve below) shows that the accumulation of snow is faster than the melting of snow and ice over the past 35 years:

Although annual SMB numbers declined from 1985 to 2012, the trend has rebounded since then.

Losses due to coastal discharge have been stable over the past 15 years

Another factor that plays a role in the total ice mass of Greenland is the amount of coastal ice that drops into the ocean (green curve = unloading). This factor ultimately determines whether the total mass of Greenland ice will grow or shrink. Currently, on the coasts of Greenland, about 500 gigatons are lost annually.

But the discharge of coastal ice has been stable over the past 15 years.

Severe deceleration in total mass balance (TMB)

Then we look at both SMB and Discharge together. Here we see that the overall mass balance of Greenland TMB (red curve) is negative, which means a net loss of ice in general, but since 2012 its speed has been slowing down.

In 2017, the total ice mass actually increased slightly.

If we use 10-year anti-aliasing, we get the following:

It is clear that Greenland is not melting faster and faster, as the adherents of the theory of global warming would like. Ice loss has been slowing down significantly for about ten years now.

Greenland cooling since 2005

One of the reasons for this unexpected trend is that, according to Danish scientists, the cooling continues, as data from 5 stations show a cooling since 2005:

Obviously, the opposite of what the media and storytellers are claiming about Global Warming is actually happening in Greenland.

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