Aliens told the Irishman that humanity will destroy a giant asteroid

Aliens told the Irishman that humanity will destroy a giant asteroid
Jerry Battles was abducted by aliens, who told him that they have been watching humanity for thousands of years and are very disappointed that during all this time we have achieved success only in global wars and lies to our own species.

Retired carpenter Jerry Battles, 61, of Pallascenry, Limerick, claims he was walking home when he was attacked by real aliens

“I was just a few minutes from home. It was a clear, dry night. You could have read the book by the light of the moon, but it was not the light of the stars or the moon that attracted me, but the bright white light coming from the sky.

The light approached, and then I suddenly found myself on board the spaceship with about 40 other people – all paralyzed, standing motionless like statues.

They were all men of different ages, all stood shoulder to shoulder like mannequins. I remember one man next to me wearing a Colombo style coat and hat. We were all paralyzed, I could only move my eyes, so I didn’t see much.

The next thing I remember, I ended up in another larger room with a 360-degree observation deck. It was then that I saw the alien.
Aliens told the Irishman that humanity will destroy a giant asteroid
I can’t tell how big he was and whether he had arms or legs, all I remember is his big tapered head and his beautiful huge eyes. They were jet black, almost like mirrors.

He spoke to me through telepathy and said, “You are not scared like the others.”

“No. And what should I?” Jerry asked.

The alien then asked him what he would like to see.

“North Pole” – came his immediate response.

In the blink of an eye, they were delivered to the North Pole.

He admits that anyone he has told this fantastic story to thinks he’s crazy and laughs when asked if he has a history of mental illness.

“No, not at all,” he replies.

He said that those who do not believe his story are “naive and have a weak imagination.”

Before releasing him, the alien informed him that humanity would follow the same path as the dinosaurs when the giant asteroid crashed into the earth.

Jerry says the alien told him that humanity has come a long way, but his time is running out.

“A giant asteroid will destroy your planet. An asteroid will approach your planet from the 35th quadrant. And, before that, large meteorites will fall on the planet and every year there will be more and more of them. Whatever you try to do it will not help. Your species will disappear, just as dinosaurs once disappeared, ”said the alien.

“We are four million light years more advanced than you. We have watched you for millennia. During all this time, you have succeeded in only two things – global war and lying to your own kind. ”

“You have to use force. Be one with power. Harness the power, ”the alien advised.

Jerry was not scared when he faced the alien creature.

He does not remember how long the abduction lasted, he just woke up not far from the house without a coat. At that moment, he did not remember anything at all. Later, his coat, which he wore that night, was found on the roof of the regional hospital.

He said, “I have no idea how it got there. The events of December 26, 2001 began to return to me only after the coat was returned to me ”.

The Earth has already entered the debris field in front of a huge space object.
Aliens told the Irishman that humanity will destroy a giant asteroid
This story is interesting in that I constantly monitor the statistics of the number of meteorites and asteroids that enter the dense layers of the earth’s atmosphere, fall to the earth or fly past the Earth between our planet and the Moon (very close) and since last year, the number of meteorites and asteroids increases monthly exponentially.

In my opinion, such a sharp jump in the number of meteorites, asteroids and other space objects threatening our planet can have only one reason – it is a cloud of debris moving in front of a giant space object. Quite possibly a huge asteroid.

If we analyze the number and size of meteorites that have already fallen to the ground in the last month, it is safe to say that we are approaching the middle of the debris cloud and now the meteorites falling to the ground will be larger and larger in size.

In the near future, we should expect a meteorite fall with consequences comparable to the “Chelyabinsk event”, this will be a signal that the meteorite bombardment has taken on a serious scale and we have entered a cloud of debris, which by their size are already capable of causing serious damage to humanity.

This will be a signal that now with each month and year, we will enter an increasingly dense cloud of debris, where debris is growing in size.

To be honest, I generally doubt that in 850 years from humanity, something else will remain, except for a handful of the elite hiding in bunkers under the surface of the planet.

The process has already begun.

The earth will be subjected to a meteorite bombardment, and it is already, in fact, exposed to it. Just so far, meteorites have not fallen on some large city, but the further the Earth moves in a cloud of debris, the larger these debris will be in size, and the more of these debris will fall to the surface of the earth.

Judging by the recent crashes of large space objects in Russia and Brazil, it will not be long to wait for the first “call”.

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