Situation Update, Dec. 13th – Trump readies evidence to leverage against Biden, Gen. Perna announces “vaccine D-Day… the beginning of the end”

George Soros Incandescent With ‘RAGE’ After Hungary and Poland Win Victory Against Globalist EU

California to Release Over 1,800 Prisoners, Including Rapists, to Combat Spread of Coronavirus

Trump’s Secretary of Defense Chief of Staff Vows to Sue CNN Into Oblivion

COVID19 – Evidence of global fraud

NJ lawmaker wants MANDATORY corona shot for all kids WITHOUT EXEMPTION

Australia cancels COVID vaccine trial over ‘unexpected’ false positives for HIV

Over 1,000 Chinese researchers have fled the US since federal crackdown on technological and economic espionage

Higher vitamin D levels, stronger immune response protect children from COVID-19

Situation Update, Dec. 12th – SCOTUS betrayal allows Trump to invoke military tribunals and Fourteenth Amendment

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