WATCH: ‘The Great Reset’ Predicted by Aldous Huxley in 1958

Aldous Huxley’s warned humanity about the “Great Reset” in his 1993 book, “Brave New World,” and in a 1958 interview with Mike Wallace.

Aldous Huxley warned the public about a totalitarian New World Order in which citizens are controlled using the drug “Soma,” a happy drug to keep everybody enslaved without questioning their condition. reports: The state provides for all basic needs, nothing is owned, and there is no privacy.  Brainwashing is delivered from birth to condition the new slaves to accept their role and their assigned status within the society.   A class system is enforced and genetically controlled through baby farms and population control.  The family does not exists, everyone belongs to everyone else, and there are no social bonds.

You are designed and conditioned for a role and status within the world order. Religion does not exist, choice does not exist, freedom of thought does not exists. The world is banal, without worth or purpose, a hell on earth, to create a human ant farm who’s purpose is to keep those in power at the top.

Psychologist B.F. Skinner also foresaw a dystopian world in his 1948 novel Walden Two, which proposed a society of “good” citizens through behavior modification—a system of rewards and punishments. BF Skinner found that the most effective behavior conditioning program was achieved through a variable ratio schedule of rewards.  The target behavior is rewarded, on average, every five times the person does the behavior. The reward is varied, so that sometimes you give the reward the second time the behavior is performed, sometimes the sixth time, sometimes the third time. It averages out to every five times, but the aim is to randomize the reward to deepen the effectiveness of the pleasure seeking behavior and reward potency.


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