Hunter Biden Has PornHub Account To Upload Home-Made Porn, Including With Family Member

The Biden campaign is in crisis after it was revealed that Hunter Biden has a PornHub account where he uploads his depraved home-made pornography under a pseudonym for anybody on the internet to view.

Disturbingly, Hunter’s PornHub channel also features a Biden family member with Hunter.

The Biden family wants the nation to believe that they are a normal, hard working American family — but nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only was Hunter involved in illegal and immoral activities, he documented the drug-fueled sexual encounters on film. Today we have evidence that he published and promoted these activities at the world’s most popular pornographic website PornHub.

Below you can see an image from Hunter’s profile at Pornhub. Hunter established the user account RHEast and called himself ‘Harper’.

This is definitely Hunter Biden’s account for various reasons. The screen shot below of Hunter’s laptop includes a page “Joe Biden Smiling”.

We can also link this account to Hunter because the pictures and videos in the account are also on the notorious “laptop from hell”. There are pictures of two women on top of Hunter on PornHub and these same pictures were found on his laptop.

One of the women in the picture with the two girls on Hunter’s PornHub account can also be traced back to a photograph of a woman in a pool at a Hollywood location.

A shocking piece of information in this squalid story is found on Hunter’s site. The picture of the woman’s behind on his PornHub home page is that of a family member. Hunter also includes photos of that same woman within his account.  

Joe Biden said his son Hunter has done “nothing but good things his whole life” per the Daily Mail in February this year:

Joe Biden on Thursday defended his son, Hunter Biden, saying he was a ‘good’ guy who ‘has done nothing but good things his whole life’ even after he was made to pay child support to a stripper he impregnated out of wedlock.

Last month, Hunter Biden agreed to pay child support to an Arkansas woman, Lunden Roberts, who was a stripper at a Washington, DC, club that he frequented.

Why would the Biden crime family use Hunter as their bag man in their international pay-to-play scheme? The man is an addict and a mess. For years he has been in and out of rehab clinics for a crack habit. He has documented his sleazy existence in videos that the whole world has access to, and still the Biden family attempt to cover it up.  

The sordid tale of Hunter Biden’s PornHub account tells you all you need to know about the immoral and compromised Biden family, not to mention Joe Biden’s judgement. This man is a liability and must not be allowed to set foot inside the White House ever again.

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