WATCH: Biden Points and Waves To An EMPTY FIELD As He Arrives In Tampa, Florida

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden arrived in Tampa, Florida yesterday and paused to point and wave to a completely empty field as hobbled down the stairs of his jet on the tarmac.

The incredible footage raises serious questions about Biden’s mental state. (WATCH with the sound on — the comments are worth it.)

In poor old Joe Biden’s mind, he was triumphantly descending the stairs of his jet on the tarmac in Tampa, pointing and waving to throngs of cheering Latino Floridians gathered there to meet him. President Trump could only wish for such a welcome. 

At least, that is what confused Joe sees in his dementia-clouded mind. 

In reality, voter enthusiasm for Biden is extremely low, nobody turned out to support him, and Joe is actually hobbling down the stairs — and pausing to wave to a completely empty field. 

On second glance…there may have been a bird.

Who is he waving to? There’s nobody there! He thinks he’s Trump!” said the woman recording the video, before collapsing in laughter.

You can’t make this sh*t up!” she continued. “Look, empty field, empty field!

Biden’s trip to Florida was his first as the Democratic presidential nominee, as he faces a tight race in the state and a challenge winning support among Latino voters that are increasingly moving away from the Democrat Party.