VILE Debra Messing: “POTUS Is a Pedophile Rapist”

Far-left Hollywood actress Debra Messing called President Trump a “rapist” and “pedophile” on Twitter Tuesday, and repeatedly posted the hashtags #TrumpIsARapist and #TrumpisaPedo in an attempt to spread disinformation during the election.

Twitter has refused to fact-check Messing’s false and deceptive tweets and the commnication department at the social media platform has refused to answer queries from journalists about it.

Twitter has been cracking down on President Trump and conservatives recently by fact checking and even blocking some of the President’s tweets, claiming they are inaccurate or contain misleading information about election rules.

Messing, who has over 653,000 followers on Twitter, regularly threatens, harasses and posts blatantly false information about POTUS on social media. Her latest tweets represent the vilest and most aggressive accusations to-date.

Messing obviously feels emboldened and protected by having the mainstream media and Big Tech on her side. reports: The Will & Grace star was retweeting Joe Biden surrogate and Democratic Party operative Jon Cooper, who also claimed that the president “is a pedophile” and that he has “raped & sexually assaulted young women.”

She later posted several tweets containing the hashtags #TrumpIsAPedo and #TrumpIsARapist

Messing is a past Twitter offender. In June, the actress got hit with a Twitter fact check after Breitbart News reported that she posted a fake photo in an attempt to conflate President Trump and Adolf Hitler. The tweet was later removed from her account.

The actress has endorsed Joe Biden’s bid for the White House and has been campaigning virtually for the Biden-Harris ticket by using her social media influencer status to promote their campaign and those of other Democrats seeking office or re-election.