China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) asked soldiers in the province of Fujian, opposite Taiwan, to write a goodbye letter to their spouses, giving rise to mutterings that war is near, cable station TVBS is reporting.

According to the report, soldiers were asked what they would write if war broke out the next day. One responded that since he had chosen to wear the uniform, he would follow orders.

Others told the “organization” not to worry, the “motherland” not to worry, and the people not to worry, because they would “return in glory,” according to a PLA video.

Despite the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, Chinese fighter jets and warships have frequently approached Taiwan, with the warplanes increasingly crossing into the island nation’s Air Defense Identification Zone before being warned off by Taiwanese jets.

The impact of the virus and unprecedented floods across China have led to speculation that the communist regime might try to provoke a confrontation with Taiwan in order to distract the public from its own failings.

Three days ago, on August 21, this web site was the ONLY media outlet to report that trainloads of surface-to-air missiles were traveling into Fujian province.  At least one train, carrying 162 missiles - more than the Taiwan air force has planes -- was video recorded moving toward the China coast opposite Taiwan. (Story HERE) 

Things are clearly developing now that, if carried to their logical conclusion, mean war is approaching very fast. Source