President of Pro-Migrant Group, Who Opened His Home To Muslim Migrants, Found Beaten To Death

Jean Dussine, the president of a pro-migrant organization who provided housing for vulnerable migrants in France, has been found dead, beaten by an iron rod while he was sleeping.

Fully indoctrinated by liberal ideology, Dussine, 63, was hosting a number of Muslim migrants in his home — one of the minorities he had dedicated his life to supporting.

However, events took a sinister turn, and Dussine presumably realized that liberal ideology is disastrous in the real world.

In the West, liberals have aligned themselves with Islam, believing that their compassion and acceptance will garner them favor with the Muslim world. What they fail to understand is that everything they value runs directly counter to the fundamentals of Islam, and increasingly, as in the case of 63-year-old French activist, they are finding this out the hard way.

Dussine was found dead at his home on Tuesday, believed to have been beaten with an iron rod while he was sleeping in bed.

Some of the other migrants he had been housing sounded the alarm when they found Dussine’s lifeless body, according to Ouest France.

Since the brutal death, a 20-year-old Afghan migrant who allegedly broke into Dussine’s house has been arrested and placed in local police custody.

According to Valeurs Actuelles, it was reported that Dussine “was sleeping when [the alleged assailant], an Afghan migrant barely 20 years old, attacked him with an iron rod. He could not be revived.”

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