POTUS Fires Warning Shot at Obama: ‘Hope You Had Fun Investigating Me. Now It’s My Turn’

President Donald Trump has fired a warning shot at Barack Obama, letting the former president know that he was caught red-handed and will not get away with his crimes.

The hysterical Russiagate narrative has collapsed for what must be the millionth time (before the mainstream media inevitably tries to resurrect it).

And in the past week the charges against Michael Flynn were dropped, we learned that Obama knew about the meeting used to entrap Flynn, and we learned from documents that Adam Schiff really didn’t want released that everyone knew Russiagate was a myth from day one.

And as President Trump has warned, there’s much more to come on the Russia probe documents.

Yesterday President Trump went on a tweetstorm about the failed Deep State effort to thwart his candidacy and then presidency, branding the scandal “Obamagate.”

But he saved the best for Facebook. “[I] hope you had fun investigating me,” said the first caption on a meme he shared.

“Now it’s my turn.”
Break out the beer and popcorn and get comfortable. The show has begun.