Continuing floods claimed 116 lives, displaced 100,000 families in Kenya

Continuing floods in Kenya claimed at least 116 lives and evicted 100,000 families, Cabinet Secretary Eugene Vamalwa said.

About 29 districts were affected by floods, and weather forecasters warned that the situation would get worse in the near future.

“To date, we have lost 116 people in various parts of the country, and more than 100,000 households have been affected by floods. The rains continue to pour; people will have to continue to move to safer places, because the rains will continue in May,” Vamalva said.

However, the number of families in urgent need of an emergency response may be higher, said Vamalva, given the difficulties in collecting data from the government.

Affected areas were provided with 40,000 bags of rice. Vamalwa noted that emergency units were created in all counties to assist in solving these problems.

In total, we sent more than 40,000 bags of rice, thousands of boxes of vegetable oil, non-food products in 20 districts, that is 550 bags for each district affected by floods, Vamalva said.