Fear swept people across Europe when thousands of birds began to fall dead from the sky

200 ducks in Denmark, hundreds of herons in Turkey, thousands of swallows and Swifts in Greece, 1000 Starlings in Rome … Birds literally fall dead from the sky, and no one knows why.

Thousands of dead swallows and swifts over the past three days have been found on the streets of Athens, on the balconies of apartments in the capital, on the islands of the Aegean Sea and around the lake near the seaport of Naupliya in the Peloponnese.

Hundreds of dead herons in Turkey were found near the village of Kepryshyk in Turkey.
Residents and officials are scared, since no one really knows what is behind the mass extinction.

About 200 dead ducks were found on the beaches in Læsø, Denmark. This is completely unheard of on the island. Four of the dead ducks were tested for bird flu, but they all tested negative. So what is behind this new mass extinction in Denmark?
1000 dead birds on the streets of Rome. On February 5, 2020, hundreds of dead birds covered part of the Viale del Policlinico.

Thus, there is a clear increase in the number of birds mysteriously dying and falling from the sky. But no one really can say the cause of these mass deaths.

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