Scientists: Earth Is About To Enter A 30-Year ‘Miniature Ice Age’

Scientists have cautioned that much colder winters could result from a long period of particularly low solar activity, reports

In news which appears to be in complete contradiction with predictions of global warming, scientists are now predicting that the next 30 years may actually bring a prolonged period of abnormally cold weather.
While typically a solar minimum will occur every 11 years, this year we will see the beginning of a grand solar minimum-an extended period of three decades of diminished solar activity.

Such periods occur only once every 400 years; the last time they happened was from 1645 to 1715 when the Maunder Minimum brought such cold winters that the Thames River literally froze over.

According to Valentina Zharkova, from Northumbria University, this time the spell could last until 2053.

“The Sun is approaching a hibernation period,” she said. “Less sunspots will be formed on the solar surface and thus less energy and radiation will be emitted towards the planets and the Earth.”

“The reduction in temperature will result in cold weather on Earth, wet and cold summers, cold and wet winters.”

We will possibly get big frosts as is happening now in Canada where they see [temperatures] of -50C. But this is only the start of GSM, there is more to come in the next 33 years”, – she told.

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