The pistachios are incredibly healthy. Eating just ten of those a day can bring you health like you didn’t know. These nuts are a real source of health. In 100grams of pistachios, 540 calories are present but it does not matter because they are great choice for a healthy and good line and even more of that. They are delicious and very healthy. They improve the cardiovascular health and metabolism, lower cholesterol and inhibit the aging.
In addition we present you a few reasons why you should eat pistachios every day:
Vitamin E protects form different types of cancer and pistachios are rich in gamma- tocopherol (type of vitamin E) which can reduce the risk of developing lung cancer for 30%. 68 grams of pistachios daily is excellent prevention of malignant diseases.
With consumption of pistachios the chances of occurrence of type 2 diabetes in a cup of pistachios has as much as 60% of recommended daily doses of phosphorus.
Pistachios contain powerful antioxidant lutein which prevents accumulation of fat and inflammation. With consumption of pistachios within several days you will reduce cholesterol by 20%.
If you consume them daily, they can increase the sexual potency in men up to 51% thanks to the essential fatty acids which stimulate sex hormones and increase blood flow to the genitals.
Pistachios are rich in fiber that improve the digestive function of the organism. Only 10 grams of pistachios will provide the daily requirement of fiber.
Pistachios contain two carotenoids which is hard to be found in other nuts. It is about lutein and zeaxanthin – antioxidants which protect the eyes and prevent development of cataracts.
If you are afraid of aging, you should consume at least 5- 10 pistachios daily. They represent natural Botox because inside they contain antioxidants.
Tip: In order to avoid overeating, buy pistachios in shells and count each pistachio.

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