Father’s Video: Reflection Of The Son In The Mirror Moves Slower Than Himself

Mirrors are a vital part of everyday life. But they are actually pretty scary when you think about them really.

There is something odd about an object that lets you see a perfect reflection of yourself, imitating everything you do.
Perhaps, most creepy of all, mirrors continue to reflect all that you do even when you don’t look. There are so many disturbing and mind-bending mirror tales out there and the latest addition to the list is this one.

Nasrullah Napi, a Twitter user, posted a rather creepy video of his son sitting in front of a mirror.

“I was enjoying myself, playing PUBG, when my wife asked me to go get my son. I thought there was nothing, but once I saw the video, I was scared!”

Mirrors are said to be capable of trapping souls, and many pictures show that mirrors may take on a life of their own when we don’t pay attention, in the most disturbing way possible.

Whether the video is real or was edited, many may agree it’s very creepy.

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