Wonderful Anti-Inflammatory Remedy: Gelatin Dice With Honey And Turmeric

This is a wonderful anti- inflammatory recipe which you can use and feel better the second you taste it. It looks good and it tastes good. They are gelatin dice mixed from honey and turmeric. It is a small cube of health.
The Best anti-inflammatory: gelatin dice with honey and turmeric seem to you to the naked eye, irresistible and delicious.
However, the benefits they hide far outweigh the taste itself , velvety, soft and delicate.
We are, without doubt, before a sensational remedy that will be very useful to you to treat diverse affections, such as:
–The common cold

–The discomforts associated with arthritis

–Back Pain
It is a proposal based on natural medicine that can always help us in a timely manner.
We encourage you to discover it and we encourage you to take better care of yourself day by day thanks to these gifts offered by nature.
How can these gelatin dice help me?
Children will love it. If you have an original mold and funny shapes at hand, you will take this natural remedy without protest and with great pleasure.
Now, beyond the original idea, in what does it benefit us? Next, we explain everything you can do for us and the health of our family .
A “treat” that takes care of your cardiovascular health

Curcumin is the component that gives it that color so characteristic of turmeric and, in turn, gives it wonderful virtues.
-One of its most beneficial effects is to mediate heart disease.

-It improves the function of the endothelium (a tissue that lines the inner area of ​​all blood vessels) and is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent with antioxidant principles .
Also, if we include in our recipe organic honey of bees, that is, without any added sugar, we will achieve an extraordinary level of flavonoids .
-Flavonoids are a type of antioxidants that help us reduce the risk of suffering from different heart diseases.
A great natural anti-inflammatory
An inflammation arises because of the presence in our organism of pathogens, like bacteria, that force the immune system to defend itself.
-Inflammation is a defense mechanism and, in fact, it is something natural and beneficial that is part of the healing process itself.

-However, the problem begins when this problem becomes chronic, when our joints are always inflamed by arthritis or our legs swollen by fluid retention .

-Curcumin is a molecule that is introduced into our cells and that manages to reduce the impact of inflammation.

-Organic bee honey, for its part, acts as one of the best natural antibacterials we have always on hand.
It is a sensational ally for our immune system , so it is worth taking every morning a few dice of this natural gelatine to prevent viruses, bacteria, infections …
Reduces back pain
We have all experienced this annoying and disabling back pain on occasion.
In addition to a few days of rest, it is common to resort to the classic anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen .
-Both turmeric and honey have the ability to act as suitable allies capable of reducing pain.

-Curcumin is a polyphenol that is used in natural medicine to improve the quality of life of people with osteoarthritis .

For their part, consuming these gelatin dice containing honey and turmeric can progressively relieve our back pain.
It is a very suitable complement and, undoubtedly, will be of great help in order not to exceed us in the consumption of drugs and avoid thus an excess of chemical in our liver.
How to prepare my gelatin dice
-1 cup natural orange juice (250 ml)

-2 teaspoons turmeric (10 g)

-½ cup of very hot water (125 ml)

-2 tablespoons honey (50 g)

-¼ cup natural gelatin (65 g)
-We will start mixing in a cup the orange juice with those two teaspoons of turmeric

-Then pour this combination into a saucepan over medium heat, along with half a glass of water and honey. Mix well with the help of a wooden spoon and let this mixture rise in temperature.

-Then pour the natural jelly and continue stirring, lowering the temperature of the fire a little.

-Little by little you will see that the texture begins to thicken . It’s time to pour all the combination into the fun silicone molds that you have chosen for the occasion.

-Then, the mold carrying the refrigerator (not freezer).

Just wait an hour to have your delicious gelatin dice with honey and turmeric.
To conclude, just comment that you can consume these gelatin dice over a week.
If you think that you will not complete them completely during this time, you can freeze them without problems: their properties are preserved to perfection.

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