Why Is It So Important To Massage Your Feet Before Bed, The Miracle Starts Here!

It is important to massage the feet before bed and there are few reasons why you should do just that. After reading this you will start doing it every night before bed. Reflexology tells us that our feet are connected directly with all the nerves of our body, and that therefore they are able to directly influence any kind of discomfort or suffering of our organism in general. Today we want to tell you about the benefits of massages on your feet. We assure you that you will be surprised!
Benefits of Foot Massage Before Going to Bed
The feet help us perform most of our daily activities; Are our sustenance and those who bear the weight of the rest of our body.
It is for this reason that our feet deserve to be cared for and pampered to the fullest.
Recent studies reveal that a regular massage on our feet helps to strengthen our immune system almost miraculously.
  1. Energy and rejuvenation
Foot massages are a great stimulus for the recipient.
Rubbing and feeling the feet is very healthy when relaxing our entire organism and provide a lot of energy and vitality.
According to reflexology, one of the most powerful benefits of foot massage is that through them we can unlock sectors in our organism, in which energy is not flowing properly.
  1. Improves circulation
A massage on the feet completely relaxes our organism.
When we are too stressed, our blood flow is affected, and the nutrients and vitamins do not reach our cells properly.
A soothing foot massage will cause your stress to decrease and your blood circulation to improve significantly.
  1. Balance and Harmony
Sometimes, stress, day-to-day trouble and fatigue make it virtually impossible to relax our mind and body.
A foot massage is able to balance and harmonize our body with our mind because that practice increases homeostasis , a process that regulates and balances all systems of our organism.
  1. Healthy skin
Another of the remarkable benefits of foot massages is that by stimulating blood circulation, these prevent the accumulation of fats and toxins in the pores of our skin, making it look great.
In addition, as if that were not enough, foot massages act directly fighting free radicals, helping to prevent premature aging and also improving the overall tone and appearance of our skin.
  1. Prevents cramps
Massaging your feet, makes your tissues stronger and decreasing lactic acid, responsible for muscle cramps and discomfort in your organism.
  1. Tranquility and relaxation
As we said at the beginning of this article, the feet play a fundamental role in our organism, being these interconnected with all our organs.
Massaging our feet will make every organ of our body relax and enter into a deep state of harmony and repose.
Through acupressure for example, we can clearly understand the benefits of foot massage , for our whole body and mind,
  1. Relieve ailments
Traditional Chinese medicine ensures that through acupressure we can massage certain parts of our feet, thus making these massages relieve certain aches and pains in specific parts of our body.
Each night before going to sleep, perform a light massage of about 10 – 15 minutes on your feet, and you will soon notice all the benefits of this simple practice!

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