Massage These Stress Points To Calm Down An Upset Baby

You can easily calm down your upset baby if you just massage its feet. This sounds difficult to understand but the points on the feet can actually provide peace to your sweetie. Reflexology is a well-known and ancient cultural practice dating back thousands of years in China. Recently it has become quite popular in the West as a legitimate medical practice that is used to treat various physical and mental ailments. Reflexology not only provides a way to quickly and effectively help your baby obtain relief, but also can provide insight into the root causes of their discomfort. Use the following guide and information to begin soothing your baby naturally today.
Reflexology Chart for Babies
It has been said that babies are much more responsive to reflexology than full-grown adults. Their sensitivity to touch in general is likely the reason for this response rate. Typically, when your child is in distress, it is our nature to comfort them by holding them, or rubbing their back. This makes reflexology a perfect technique for them
Reflexology is the application of pressure to various spots on the body, mainly focusing on the feet. As it relieves stress, it also assists the body with healing and regenerating itself. According to research done in the 1890’s, a relationship exists between the skin and internal organs, and the whole nervous system adjusts to stimulus. The theory based on this states that pressure to hands, feet, or ears sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system.
Specific points on the body, mainly the feet, are said to treat a variety of problems associated with corresponding body parts. The chart below indicates which area corresponds to which ailment. You can use this as a guide to discovery, or just a guide to soothe.
The tips of the toes are the area of the foot corresponding to the head and teeth. It can also help for relief with neck problems, teething, and ear infection issues. Apply gently pressure while massaging the toes to relieve pain and symptoms associated with illness in these areas.
The center of the toes corresponds to the sinuses, as it is the center of the head/teeth zone. When applying pressure to this area you are reducing the severity of a number of sinus problems ranging from the common cold to other respiratory problems. While this is no cure for the illness itself, it can most definitely reduce symptoms and make these issues more bearable.
The area found directly above the arch is associated with the chest. By rubbing this part of the foot, you can alleviate congestion, chest pain, etc. This method is wonderful for coughing, and fluid build-up. Various studies have shown that reflexology is quite effective at reducing all forms of congestion.
Solar Plexus
The solar plexus is a collection of nerves located around the stomach and lung area. Although it is hard to narrow down the cause of pain in this area, by performing reflexology around the upper area of the arch you can help treat this pain. This is the area of the food where the arch ends and the foot meets the ground.
Upper and Lower Abdomen
By massaging the entire arch area, you can help your baby with their digestive issues such as bowel obstruction, as well as heartburn. The lower abdomen correlates with the lower portion of the arch. If you rub this area, you can assist in reduction of discomfort in the post-digestive process such as bloating or constipation.
The heels of a baby’s foot directly correspond with the pelvic area. Muscle tightness, and postural problems can be aided by using reflexology on the heel.
As an effective symptom and pain reliever, reflexology can help you to comfort your distressed infant. This method is by no means a cure-all, however, it is most definitely a way of soothing and alleviating the pain that comes along with various common ailments of your baby. Since it comes instinctively to rub or coddle our children when they are in pain, or distress, these tips are easily adapted into our normal routines to bring relief to our suffering children.

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