7 Warning Signs Your Tongue May Be Sending

The tongue is sending signals which you need to pay attention to when thinking about the health. We all know that we use our tongue to taste and process the food in our mouth. But what we don’t know is that our tongue can be sending us a warning signs about our health.
Here is a list of tongue conditions which should be alarming.
1.White Patches
White patches on your tongue may indicate that you have a yeast overgrowth. The most common is Candida infection. It happens when your immune system is running down or when you consume antibiotics for too long.
2.Red Tongue
If your tongue is red then you may have a Streptococcus infection. In some cases it may be a sign that your body needs more vitamin B and iron, so you should improve your diet. Eat food such as beans, spinach, lentils, lean meat and fish.
3.Small Thin Tongue
Tongue that appears smaller than usual is a sign of dehydration. You will solve this with drinking plenty of water.
4.Bald Tongue
Pale tongue may indicate on atrophic glossitis an inflammatory condition that causes tongue’s papillae to doe and shed, leaving behind a smooth, shiny tongue. It is usually caused by B12 or iron deficiency.
5.Painful Sores
These sores are extremely painful in the first four to five days and after two weeks they disappear. People who are stressed are prone to these sores. They are not contagious and they don’t need a treatment.
Bumps are usually created by physical injuries. In cases when you bumps are difficult or if they don’t disappear normally, then they can be a sign of oral malignancy and you must consult your doctor immediately.
7.Black Hairy Tongue
It is a result of bacterial overgrowth and sign that you need to improve your oral hygiene. Also you may have bad breath or metallic taste in the mouth. This condition may be really serious so you should consult your doctor if you notice it.

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