12 Different Ways To Use Vick’s VapoRub That Now You Will Put Into Practice

There are more different ways to use Vick`s VapoRub. Here we will bring you 12 reasons why you should always have it at home, and where it can help you.
Today we want to make you aware of other reasons why you always have to have an additional reserve of Vick VapoRub in your home to solve other problems that in many cases also have to do with health.
Pay attention to these uses that go beyond the decongestant we already know. You would never have guessed it!
– Earache:
Smear with a little Vick VapoRub a small piece of cotton and place it in the sore ear; You will feel almost instant relief. You can also heat a clove of garlic in the microwave for 10 seconds, apply a little Vicks Vapo on one end of the tooth and place it in the ear.
– Acne:
Vick VapoRub has an antiseptic effect that will help you to clean the skin and to dry the acne while it will reduce the infection.
– Athlete’s Foot:
Use Vick VapoRub to heal athlete’s foot by applying twice a day.
– Sinus headache:
This is one of the uses for which the Vick VapoRub was conceived. Put a little under the nose and inhale deeply. Menthol has an analgesic effect and will relieve your headache.
– Moisturize your skin:
Rub Vick VapoRub on your parched skin and you will notice how in a few days it improves your appearance significantly.
– Relieve Muscle Aches:
Rub with Vick VapoRub sore muscles and then apply a warm cloth or towel to the place. This will help relieve pain. Repeat as many times as necessary.
– Mosquito repellent:
The intense menthol aroma is ideal to use as a mosquito repellent and can be applied directly on the skin or clothing.
– Reduces stretch marks:
Improves the appearance of these marks using Vick VapoRub. In just two weeks you will notice positive changes.
– Avoid pets urinating in the rooms:
If your dog or cat insists on using any bathroom in your home as a bathroom, you can apply a little Vick VapoRub in your favorite places and in this way eliminate this bad habit. Both dogs and cats detest the smell.
– Abdomen Reducer:
Before starting your physical activity prepare this home remedy to reduce your abdomen quickly. Mix half a bottle of Vick VapoRub, a spoonful of shredded camphor, a spoonful of baking soda and another of alcohol. Mix all these ingredients well and apply this ointment to the abdomen. Cover with film paper while doing your physical activity. When finished, rinse with plenty of water.
– Reduce bruises:
Smear your bruises with a little Vick VapoRub and you will notice how its appearance improves significantly.
– Tick Bites:
Apply a little Vick VapoRub after the bite of the tick to thereby relieve the pain and itching.
Watch out! Vick VapoRub should not be used in children younger than 2 years of age and it is recommended that a small amount be applied to the skin beforehand to check for possible allergic reactions.

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