Tips and Natural Remedies For The Regeneration of Cartilage and Keeping Your Bones Strong and Healthy

These remedies can help with the regeneration of cartilage while at the same time it will keep your bones healthy and strong. Osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis, as we know it usually, happens when the cartilages wear out. Cartilage acts as a shock absorber between the bones and allows them to articulate smoothly against each other.
When this wear occurs, the bones no longer have how to separate and begin to rub against each other, and this is what causes the pain, inflammation and prevents the usual movements.
With the passage of time, the joints begin to deform, change their appearance and in some cases develop spurs around them.
The pieces of bone that can detach are usually embedded in that free space that leaves the joint worn causing more pain.
People who suffer from this chronic disease, see their life limited by the lack of progressive movement that goes on legs, arms and hands but does not affect internal organs as does rheumatoid arthritis.
It is usually in elderly people and the majority are women.
If you suffer from osteoarthritis or know someone in this situation we will make you know an herbal remedy that will help you cope with this disease and decrease inflammation and pain.
Take note of the preparation of this wonderful remedy.
-1 tablespoon of thyme
-1 tablespoon of rosemary
-1 tablespoon mint or mint
-1 tablespoon of sage
-1 liter of water
– Boil the water and place all herbs inside. (If the herbs are fresh, so much better, but you can use the dried ones)
– Keep the boil for 5 minutes
– Turn off the heat and let stand for 15 minutes with the pot covered
– Paste the infusion and keep refrigerated.
How to take it:
Drink 1 to 2 cups per day, preferably with honey, for 3 weeks. You can drink cold or hot.
Some tips to prevent osteoarthritis:
Consume Vitamin D to absorb calcium. This vitamin is found in the sun or supplements. Calcium strengthens the bones and makes them more resistant.
Being overweight is harmful to the joints as they must make the effort to support excessive weight. Control your body weight.
Practice physical activity that allows you to strengthen muscles that are responsible for protecting the joints.
Caring for body posture is critical, as the spine can suffer from accelerated osteoarthritis when it is subjected for prolonged periods to deficient positions.

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