This oil can help remove the uric acid from the blood, help with anxiety and stop the cravings. For centuries back, people have been using spices of all sorts to treat numerous health conditions.
Since then, a main focus has been put on all spices, including ginger, cayenne pepper and turmeric, giving them the attention and popularity they deserve.
However, among all the spices, one stands out in particular. It is black pepper and it can be used in hundreds of different ways.
This spice is somewhat undermined or underrated by modern science, although it provides one of the biggest health benefits a spice can give. Actually, ancient nations used to trade with black pepper, exchanging it as currency.
Black pepper itself is highly healthy and beneficial for the body, but black pepper oil serves an even bigger role in the overall health aspect.
Black Pepper Essential Oil benefits:
Black pepper is packed with numerous health qualities, including laxative, carminative, antibacterial, expectorant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antiseptic, stimulant, antispasmodic, rubefacient, diaphoretic, febrifuge, and others.
It soothes the stomach: black pepper can trigger hydrochloric acid secretion in the gut, and as a result treats diseases like colic, constipation, and diarrhea. Black pepper also reduces occurrence of gas and boosts healthy urination and sweating activity. By doing so, the toxins leave the body in no time.
Stimulates weight loss: black pepper easily dissolves fat cells stuck within the body and enables the body to dispose of them with ease.
Skin health: you can use black pepper to diminish or prevent vitiligo, a depigmentation disease that results in white skin patches.
Improves breathing: black pepper can boost the airways performance and help with nasal congestion and sinusitis. It actually gets rid of the nasal mucus and phlegm found inside the lungs.
Kills off bacteria: black pepper offers antibacterial qualities that reduce the inflammation from insect bites. Furthermore, it diminishes the arteries’ expansion and cleanses them from toxins.
Antioxidant properties: black pepper is packed with compounds that prevent the spreading of free radicals, thus keeping the body safe from serious health problems, including liver damage, cardiovascular irregularities and cancer.
Neurological health: due to Piperine, a substance found in black pepper, the organism is able to steer clear of brain damage and preserve its memory capacity to the fullest.
Black pepper oil can be used in many different forms, including inhalation, oral consumption, external application and else.
Oral consumption
Black pepper is often used as flavor enricher in the culinary world, thus providing sesquiterpenes, which is a powerful antioxidant that improves the urinating and sweating process which additionally destroys body toxins.
The black pepper oil stimulates the bile secretion, improving the digestion process significantly.
Aromatically/ Inhalation
If you inhale black pepper oil, the body will automatically relax and bring you serenity. You can combine it with lavender and juniper oil, to get more favorable effects. This is especially important for smokers.
Topical application
When combined with carrier oil, the black pepper oil soothes the muscles and prevents cramps. This way, the body receives antioxidant qualities, with the auric acid being flushed from the organism.
When applied externally, this oil can help people diagnosed with gout, arthritis, and rheumatism.

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