Mother Saw A “Ghost” Watching Her Children

The mother of four children did not believe her eyes when she saw another woman on her monitor. Leila Livingston, who lives in North Carolina, was dressing in her bedroom when, to her horror, she suddenly saw an adult woman with children downstairs in the living room.

“Since their new obsession is the Lion King, I decided to put on the film so they sit and watch it so I can get ready,” she wrote. “They sat quietly on the couch.” Jace (the youngest) was sitting in his chair next to them. I turned on the camera on them and watched them from the iPad above. ”

“From time to time I looked down, and each time they sat in the same place and watched a movie. But this time I looked down and saw that someone (an adult) was sitting on my couch, looking at the child, and children just watch their movie as if nothing is happening ”

My heart sank. I ran downstairs and turned a corner into the living room, where there was nobody on the sofa. I saw her just ten seconds ago. ”

– The kids were still sitting in the same places and watching their film. This man was on my camera, but actually he was not there? Naturally, I decided it was a ghost, and I caught him on camera! ”

However, as it turned out, an explanation of this mystery was soon found itself.

“I ran upstairs to see if I would see this ghost again,” she wrote. “I looked at my iPad, and he was still sitting on my couch! I called my mother to show her this ghost on her iPad.”

-When I was getting ready to show her the video, I looked at the date of shooting and realized that somehow my iPad switched from live viewing of the camera to the clip that was recorded earlier. It was me myself. I was a ghost on the couch. ”

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