Elon Musk Will Send Cannabis To The ISS

The company Ilona Mask SpaceX in 2020 will send a batch of cannabis seeds to the ISS. Plants will spend 30 days in space, after which they will be returned to Earth for research, reports Vice.

A consignment of cannabis, commissioned by Front Range Biosciences agrotechnical company, will be delivered in March by the SpaceX space truck. Within a month, scientists will remotely monitor the growth and development of the culture, and after the return of the incubators, they will study the effect of microgravity on plants. In addition to cannabis grains, several varieties of coffee will be sent to the ISS.

Representatives of Front Range Biosciences specified that this is a batch of cannabis with a low level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is characterized by a psychoactive effect on humans. First of all, scientists are interested in whether certain changes will occur in plants at the gene level. Based on the study, experts hope to discover new ways to commercialize the culture.

In the case of coffee, scientists are going to get resistant to the negative effects of culture. In particular, Front Range Biosciences hopes to bring out the kind of coffee that can grow in regions with adverse climates.

The Vice edition notes that this is not the first time that cannabis has been sent outside of our planet. For example, in June 2013, enthusiasts used a weather balloon to send marijuana plants to a height of about 30 kilometers. Whether the experiment had any scientific justification is not reported.

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