Discover The Secrets Of The Hunza People! They Live 120 Years, Give Birth Until 65 and Do Not Know About Cancer

The secrets of the Hunza people are revealed. They live up to 120 years and they have never heard of cancer. We need to pay close attention to their life and their way of living. The Hunza people have been recognized worldwide for having people of unique longevity and an incomparable state of health. Their diet, daily habits and the quality of food would be determining factors.
To the north of Pakistan, on the valley of the river Hunza to 2400 meters of height, inhabits the town hunza formed by men and women of a unique longevity. At first glance, it is smiling people , robust and very strong . Its inhabitants live on average 100 years of age, which led various anthropologists to study more about their customs, thoughts, rituals and lifestyle.
With a Caucasian appearance , it is known that the cordiality and respect are extremely important values, which distances them from fights and anger . In turn, they carry an almost vegetarian diet that keeps them healthy and strong. Exercise is fundamental for them, as they walk long daily walks in search of food. They rarely get sick, they do not know about tumors or other common infections for us.
Today we will tell you in detail why the Hunza people are believed to be “the oasis of youth” and how they manage to stay in good condition. He knows more about this town that manages to “stop the time”.
What is the secret of the Hunza people?
The secret of the Hunza people lies directly in their healthy lifestyle . Their diet, a primary factor that delimits the excellent health they maintain, is rich in fruits and carbohydrates, with an almost null intake of proteins . During the summer they eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits. In the winter they feed on dried apricots, sheep cheeses and grains (which can germinate) such as millet, barley and wheat. The consumption of meat is limited to once or twice a year , lamb or chicken.
By tradition, the Hunza people make obligatory fasts where it feeds only on apricot juices. This occurs just before the fruit matures, as a waiting ritual. These periods of low food intake would also have helped strengthen their defenses , experts believe. In turn, the habit of consuming a lot of apricots would be what protects them from cancer. The seeds used to make oil contain vitamin B17, a potent anticancer delivered in small doses.
On the other hand, the Hunza people never stand still. Its inhabitants travel great extensions and walk between 15 and 20 kilometers collecting food, herbs and walks. Even the elderly take part in these tours, without any pain or discomfort.
The third factor that many experts claim beneficial, is the habit of giving themselves baths with ice water. Hunza people usually take a dip in the river although the water is near 0 °.
To complete the almost exemplary lifestyle, the Hunzas maintain the highest literacy rate, compared to other peoples of Pakistan. These people celebrate wisdom, courtesy and tolerance. Some travelers affirm that you will never see a hunza with a bad face, with an unfriendly deal or mistreating a neighbor. On the contrary: they celebrate respect in a joyful way and all inhabitants defend themselves equally. Despite professing the Muslim religion, the Hunza people do not force their women to cover their faces . They maintain an independence similar to any other settler and a preponderant status as they are in charge of preserving, storing and managing the food resources of the entire tribe.

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