Climate Change Will Bring Extreme Heat To Many Regions Of The Planet

Climatologists at the University of Melbourne (Australia) predicted that a rapid increase in global average temperature by two degrees Celsius would significantly increase extreme heat in many regions of the planet. This was reported by Science Alert.

The researchers modeled two scenarios: in the first, intense emissions occur and a rapid increase in average temperature, in the second, the changes proceed more slowly. In both scenarios, the average temperature rises by 1.5-2 degrees Celsius. It turned out that in the first situation, the consequences will be catastrophic, since in many regions of the Earth average temperatures can rise much more than 1.5-2 degrees.

In the quick scenario, about 600 million people will live in areas where it will be at least 0.5 degrees Celsius hotter in summer. In a slow scenario, warming will affect 20 million people. If greenhouse gas emissions are not stabilized, extreme heat will affect such major cities of the world as New York, Istanbul, Baghdad, Seoul and Tokyo.

According to scientists, this is due to the fact that land areas quickly heat up, and the ocean does not have time to absorb heat, as happens in a slow scenario.

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