Archaeologists Have Found The Tomb Of Ancient Greece. She Is 3,500 Years Old

Researchers have discovered the burial place of two people who died 3,500 years ago, in Greece, the Bronze Age. It is reported by Science Alert.

According to archaeologists, the buried held a high position in society. Their tombs were once plated with gold leaf.

The discovery was made in Pylos, next to another tomb of the Warrior, important for historians, with a griffin, discovered in 2015. It housed more than 3,000 fragments of various jewelry, including jewelry, beads, weapons and carvings.

The found tombs of the ancient Greeks are no less valuable, despite the robberies that have taken place, say archaeologists Jack Davis and Sharon Stocker from the University of Cincinnati. In hive-like tombs, thousands of fragments of gold leaf and many other ornaments dating from between 1600 and 1100 BC were discovered.

Both tombs were not easy to find. Over the past millennia, buildings collapsed and covered with vegetation. Excavations took more than 18 months. The graves were given the names “Tholos VI” and “Tholos VII” – round structures that served as a sanctuary, or a tomb, or a music hall were called toles in ancient Greek architecture.

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