Why Do Birds Disappear From Cities?

In recent years, many city dwellers have noted that there are fewer birds in their yards. The number of birds in the capital is also decreasing. This is evidenced by official ornithological statistics.

As one of the main prerequisites for mass bird emigration, scientists call lawn mowing.

According to Alexei Reteyum, head of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, it is impossible to create an ideal environment for bird life in a megalopolis. Such in nature for winged creatures are meadows with an abundance of herbs. In an urban setting, the birds “paddle” with lawns, but there the grass height is too low due to the departure of public utilities. As a result, the number of invertebrates, the main bird dish in the food chain, is decreasing.

As a result, birds migrate to the suburbs, to the nearest meadows, including state-protected natural landscapes. There, grasses are mowed only once a year so that dead wood does not catch fire in the spring.

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