In The Sky Of The Krasnodar Territory Appeared “Fiery UFO”

A “fiery UFO” appeared in the sky of the Krasnodar Territory, which was observed by eyewitnesses for a short time, and then disappeared. The appearance of the object was accompanied by unusual phenomena.

According to the author of the video, the sun was not visible, it was raining and dense clouds. The survey was conducted in a southerly direction. This unusual phenomenon lasted less than two minutes. I don’t know what made me stop shooting, I turned off the camera and almost immediately the object disappeared.

All this happened on November 27 at the village of Kalinin in the Krasnodar Territory in Russia.

Another eyewitness published her observations made at the same time that this mysterious object was recorded in the sky:

At this time, I left the student. Soot flew from the sky or something. Black stripes, you can compare with willow leaves. Everyone periodically lifted their heads, but it was raining and the sky was cloudy, there was no smell of smoke or burning.

I went to another, about 10 kilometers. There it wasn’t flying from the sky, they were lying on the road. I stepped on and she was smeared. Since she was in a white jacket, she was most afraid of getting dirty.

In the evening she chatted with her daughter and told her about it. She said that they had the same thing, it is not clear. My daughter lives somewhere in about 20 km. In an Internet about fires, there is nothing at all, strange.What’s the result: It’s definitely not the Sun, it doesn’t look like the cloud was illuminated by the setting sun, the object was observed for about two minutes, the shape of the object was elongated, the glow structure was complex, and at the time of all the events a strange “soot” flew from the sky …

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