How to Lose 50 Pounds in a Quick and Healthy Way

Everyone wants to lose weight quick and healthy. Especially when it is before the summer when we go to the beach. Here you can find out how to do just that simple, easy and quick. No matter the age, weight loss is always difficult. It doesn’t matter if you are a young mother that is trying to fit back into those skinny jeans, a grandma that just need to be more vital, or a businessman who want to look better with the white shirt on, losing weight is not easy.
You need to be motivated, dedicated and to be ready to face the changes.The bigger the number, the bigger the pressure.
With 50 pounds or more, that is not easy as well. You are surely fed up, and you know that is bad for your health. You are aware that you need to make a change.
With so many pounds to lose, how and where to start? No, getting started is easy, yes you have read correctly it is easy. And if you do it properly for sure you will have long-term effects.
Prepare and Make a Plan
Before you start, you need to be emotionally and mentally prepared for what is coming. Do not get scared of think of this as weird; it is more likely that you will succeed. With a proper plan, you will stick to things.
Before you start with your regimen consider this:
1.There Is No Such Thing As Perfect Time To Start
To lose a lot of weight,that will take a lot of time. But if you are determined to lose the weight, sometimes you will need to make sacrifices.
Bear in mind that while you make these lifestyle changes, there will be birthdays, vacations, holidays, nights with friends, dinners. You will need to make a sacrifice, and sometimes you might find it hard.
In times when you are tempted, think about your goals.
  1. Losing Weight is a Full-Time Commitment
Bear in mind that losing a lot of weight takes patience and time. You cannot be dedicated only in the working days and at the weekend to go back to old habits. This is a full-time job. As long as you really want it, you won’t have any problems.
Remember not to expect incredible results after a week. On a weekly basis, you can lose from 0.5lbs to 3lbs. The greater results come later. You need to be consistent.
  1. Sometimes You Will Mess Up
Let’s face it even the strongest and most dedicated person can make a mistake. The thing is to accept that and to move on. Not to stop with your plan, diet, and exercise just because you have made a little mistake.
It is OK, just get back and continue again. For sure the pounds you need to lose will make you feel pressured from time to time, but remember that you have some habits that won’t just go away overnight.
In case you are often making mistakes, you need to stop and think about it and remember about your goals, health and what in the long term will make you happy.
  1. You Love Yourself That is Why You Lose Weight
You need to start with the proper diet and exercise because you love yourself. Start with a positive mind, that you love your body and you want better for your body. That is the only way you are going to end up with a positive outcome.
Do not do it because you hate your body. It is your body, accept it and love it. And when you love something you need to cherish it and take care of it.
Do not make the usual mistake to set goals that are linked to your clothing size or with some number on the scale. If you approach the issue like that, it will only make you feel pressured.
Instead, start with something that will make you feel proud at the end of the day. Something like taking the dancing lessons you always wanted to go to. Or running, for example, 5k will make you feel proud at the end.
Bear in mind that one change at a time is enough. You can try to add one new healthy habit every second week, and that won’t be overwhelming for you.
14 Tips To Start Losing Weight
  1. Start With Something You Like
Start with something that you will enjoy. If you like swimming, you can start to swim in order to do some exercise. If you do what you like, it will be much easier.
If you like to eat oranges, you can consume more of that. You can start with more easy changes, and with time you can try to include the more challenging changes.
  1. Add Before Taking Away
Instead of being focused on the unhealthy habits and trying to get rid of them, you can simply focus on adding healthy habits into your daily life.
Remember to add, before you take away. It is much easier and less stressful.
You can start with something small such as walking your dog or drinking more water on a daily basis.
  1. Drink Water
One of the reasons behind the tiredness, obese and sluggishness is dehydration. Instead of drinking soda or juice, you can drink water.
In that way you will be less hungry, have more energy and consume less sugar than you usually do.
  1. Make Food Switches
You can replace the packaged and processed food with meat, grains, vegetables and fruits.
The processed foods have a high content of calories, sugar, salt, and fat. Also, they have preservatives and additives.
In order to have a healthier diet, make sure to prepare your own food.
  1. Eat Proper Portions
Overeating is overeating, never mind if you are overeating with junk or healthy food. Try to listen to your body.
If after you eat a proper portion, you still feel hungry you need to take a moment. Stop, do not continue to eat, instead drink a glass of water and you wait around 20 minutes.
These 20 minutes will allow your stomach to transfer the signals to your brain, in order your brain to tell you that you are not hungry anymore.
  1. Slow Down
We live fast, run a fast life, everything goes quickly, and in turn, we do not pay attention the amount of food we consume. We most usually do this, when we watch TV.
So, do not watch TV while you eat and try to chew slowly. In this way, you will be aware of the amount of food you consume, and you will eat less.
  1. Add Vegetables Each Day
Make sure to add in your diet vegetables on a daily basis. Eating vegetables can actually add more fiber, minerals, and vitamins to your body.
You will feel full much faster, and at the same time, you will consume fewer calories than usual. Especially bear in mind to consume leafy green vegetables.
You can switch the carbohydrates with vegetables, and in that way, you will cut calories and feel full at the same time.
  1. No More Sugar In Your Coffee
If you want you can keep the milk and/or cream that you put in your morning coffee or tea. However, bear in mind to eliminate the sugar.
The sugar is toxic for your body. It actually spikes the insulin, which in turn makes your body hold onto the fat.
  1. Alcohol Is For Weekend Only
Alcohol has a lot of calories and sometimes because of alcohol you can feel hungry. You can control the consumption with just drinking on the weekends.
Or per week you can simply consume from 1 to 3 drinks. This might be a struggle for you, because of your previous habits or you might experience pressure from family and friends.
As an alternative to not drink when you are out with friends, you can be the friend that will drive. That is how they won’t pressure you.
And also you will be saved from massive amounts of calories.
  1. No More Carbs for Breakfast
If you have more than 50 pounds, that might mean that you have very low insulin sensitivity. Instead of carbs, you can consume healthy fats, vegetables, and protein.
If you have a habit to have a smoothie in the morning, you can continue to do that. You can make a smoothie with protein, healthy fats, greens and half a cup of berries that are low in sugar such as cranberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.
Also, what can help you to lose weight is if you get enough sleep. You can have a small amount of crabs that are not processed as an evening meal, and that will help you to sleep better.
  1. Offer to Bring Something to Dinner
You don’t have to skip dinners with friends so that you can maintain your diet. You can always offer to bring something, and make sure that is something that you can eat.
So when you go to dinner instead of wondering whether there will be a healthy option or not, bring it yourself.
And bear in mind that on special occasions, you can always say no. And no matter if it’s your friend’s birthday, or you are on holiday with your wife, there is no need for drinks and desserts.
Your goals should be your priority; this is about you. Only you have the power to decide.
  1. Combine Cardio and Strength Training
With cardio, you can burn a lot of calories, and on the other hand with strength workouts, you can build muscle and boost your metabolism and build joint that will be strong and with that prevent injury.
Include these 2 aspects in your workout routine. You can either do cardio some days and strength other days or if you want you can combine elements from both workouts.
You can always consult with a trainer, for the most proper workout according to your body. The trainer can help you and give you instructions.
  1. Get Better Sleep
Enough sleep is very crucial. Without a proper sleep, you will feel stressed. That can make you consume more.
Because when you are tired, you will need to eat more in order for you to have more energy. And if you are exhausted there is likely chance that you will go to the gym.
In fact, even if you go to the gym you won’t be able to do the exercises properly.
  1. Move More
Our population spends too much time sitting. Make sure to walk after work, or during your lunch break. Walk after dinner to your house.
Instead of going to the movies or having dinner with your husband, organize a more fun and active activity. Bear in mind that with moving you burn calories, which in turn can help you to lose weight. It is more healthy and better for you.
Losing a lot of weight is not impossible. Stay positive, start with small actions, seek support from your friends, family, and trainers.

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