A Large Treasure Of Coins Found In Moscow

The large treasure of coins discovered in Kostyansky Lane has become the most valuable find of this kind in the Russian capital in 2019, according to the website of the mayor and the government of the capital. Coins from the time of Nicholas II are tentatively estimated at about a million rubles.

About 60 coins in denominations of five and ten rubles, dating from the border of the 19th and 20th centuries, were discovered at the beginning of July 2019 in a tin box. One of the largest treasures in Moscow in several years was discovered when dismantling the basement of an existing building. It is believed that coins could have been hidden during the Revolution or Civil War.

Recently, another treasure was discovered that was discovered in Russia and attracted considerable attention of archaeologists. In Taman, scientists found Byzantine coins of the 10th century, which are said to help study an important period in Russian history, insufficiently illuminated by historical sources.

Recently, another treasure was discovered in Kursk near the foundation of a building from the end of the 19th century, and before that, a ceramic vessel with many coins, dating from the reign of Peter the Great, was also discovered by Moscow archaeologists in Kostyansky Lane.

In 2016, during excavations in Pskov, scientists discovered the largest treasure of jewelry ever discovered in this territory. According to experts, they could fall into the hands of part of the numismatic collection of the merchant Fedor Plyushkin, who is considered the prototype of the hero of the poem Nikolai Gogol’s “Dead Souls” under the same name.

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