X-Ray Pictures Will Decrypt Artificial Intelligence

In Russia, they learned to decipher x-rays using artificial intelligence. The new program analyzes the results of the study and determines what the person is sick with. With it, lung cancer, breast cancer, tuberculosis, eye and blood diseases are already being diagnosed. Soon, the turn will reach the results of CT and MRI scans, writes News.ru.

Artificial intelligence was created by Russian specialists. This software automatically recognizes pathologies in a medical image without the participation of a doctor.

According to the CEO of the development company Anna Meshcheryakova, to create the program, it was necessary to process a large volume of images, to work out the algorithms together with the doctors.

The main goal of the program is primary filtering of images, which will divide all the results into three groups: healthy people, people with a mild phase of the disease and severe patients. Using the program, doctors will have the opportunity to develop a plan for further work with the patient. For example, refer a patient to another hospital or schedule an additional examination.

However, artificial intelligence has no legal right to make a medical opinion. It will be issued by a radiologist and certified with a signature. The new system will only speed up and simplify the process of diagnosis.

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