These 10 Foods Are Banned In Other Countries For Good Reason. So Why Won’t Americans Stop Eating Them?

Americans lead a very unhealthy life. This isn’t just a statement it has been proven many times. These foods are banned in other countries, and yet Americans still consume them. Is it because of the government or simply because we don’t know about them. We already know that many other countries protect their eaters far better than Americans are protected by our FDA. But did you know how many of the foods we commonly eat may actually be BANNED in other countries?
Check out this video below. Every single one of those foods is banned elsewhere in the world – yet we continue to eat them regularly, oblivious.
A list of these banned foods, based on an MSN article, includes:

Farm-raised salmon, Hawaiian (GMO) papaya, artificial food dyes, arsenic-laced chicken, ractopamine-tainted meat, bromate-containing drinks and bread, Olestra, carcinogenic preservatives, and rBGH-laced milk.
Yet those are all things we eat regularly, aren’t they?
In countries where these food dyes and colors are banned, companies like Kraft employ natural colorants instead, like paprika extract, beet root, and annatto. Why can’t they do the same in the American Mac & Cheese and other widely consumed products?

But there are changes you can make, even if the FDA won’t.
Make this infographic your starting point. Learn about these top food pretenders that should be banned from your home and this country for good. Share the information with your family and friends to help them take control of their health as well.

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