Tasmanian Wolf Considered Extinct In Australia

The Australian Department of Mining, Parks, Water, and the Environment has published a report stating that the Tasmanian wolf, which has been considered extinct since 1936, has been spotted several times over the past seven years.

So one of the eyewitnesses said that he had met a trace of the Tasmanian wolf near the mountain Sleeping Beauty in the Australian state of Tasmania. Two other eyewitnesses said that they were “100% sure” that the Tasmanian wolf had crossed the road in front of their car. A third eyewitness described the animal met as “a large, cat-like creature.”

It was previously believed that this species of marsupials died out in 1936, when the last representative of the species, named Benjamin, who lived in an Australian zoo, died.

Marsupial or Tasmanian wolf, or tilacin is a marsupial mammal, the only representative of the marsupial wolf family that has survived to the historical era.

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