Patient With Ovarian Cyst Claims To Be Cyst-Free After Drinking This! Must Read!

This patient was suffering from ovarian cyst. This is what was shared on the internet with the story of how to be cyst- free after drinking this mixture.
Guyabano tea articles have been making rounds on the online community since 2014. With claims including being able to fight arthritis, cancer, diabetes and other inflammatory diseases, the article on Facebook had over millions of shares.
Although the product has not approved therapeutic claims, many netizens took the risk and tried the product. According to them, the tea showed marvelous results.
According to Danified, three netizens attested to the health benefits Guyabano tea has served them. Netizens Lina Fong, Corazon Bunda Munarriz and Whelma Jovero Competente shared their stories with the aim of convincing others of the magical wonders of the guyabano tea.
So how do you start?
First, prepare 40 pieces of mature Guyabano leaves and 1 liter of clean water. Remember to take note that the leaves should not be too old. Also, for better results, use air dried leaves rather than fresh ones. Sun dried should not be an option they may already be too stale.
  1. Boil the water in a sauce pan

    2. Add the leaves after the water boils. Upon adding the leaves, lower down the heat.

    3. Let it simmer for 20 minutes until the color turns golden brown appearing like the usual tea.

    4. Let it cool and the tea is good to go.
It may be refrigerated according to your preferences. However, according to Danified, the tea can only last about 7-8 hours. Also, it should be taken not more than 30 days. Drink the tea before meals for better absorption of the stomach, thrice a day. Once 30 days are over, it is advised to get examined by a physician. If symptoms still persist, reduce the dose to one glass of tea a day for five days every week and 30 minutes before meals as the maintenance dose.
Additionally, it is advised that the tea is not mixed with other healing substances. Following the procedure is the best advice. Avoid overdosing.

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