Next Apple You Eat May Have Carcinogenic Substances, Find It By Reading This Information

Carcinogenic substances are found in many fruits and apples aren`t an excuse. You need to be aware of the pesticides used for their growth and how to remove them so that you protect your health. More and more people choose to eat healthy and fruits like apple are the first things we turn to when it comes to improving health or maintaining weight, because in addition to their nutrients are not few, fruits can be A dessert after every meal and bring that sweet of that we all like.
Some fruits, such as the apple, have a natural wax on their skin or shell that serves to protect it, but many farmers, in their eagerness to make the fruit better and longer, remove that natural wax and They add another one that contains components similar to those used in motor vehicle oils.
It is also important to clarify that this is extremely harmful to health, but these producers assure that this protection is necessary so that the fruit is not attacked by fungi and bacteria that accelerate its decomposition, although the controversy also raises if this wax used that to At the same time it gives it a shine and an attractive color, it does not only serve to give the apples a more tempting aspect and to promote an abundant sale.
As the wax is not in theory part of the food, the companies that market the fruits consider that they are not obliged to reveal the composition of this protector that is used.
Although it is known to contain soy, gluten and dairy products, artificial dyes, fungicides and preservatives are also included in its composition; All carcinogenic products that definitely no one needs to consume.
Of course, not all commercialization companies expose the population to unnecessary risks, since, in the case of organic foods, we find that the wax that covers and protects the fruits is composed of wood resin or beeswax, elements Which are not harmful to health.
As the preservative is applied precisely to make the fruit last long, we recommend you buy seasonal fruits that hardly contain harmful preservatives or fruits and vegetables from farmers who market organic vegetables.

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