This incredible cure for diabetes can help you lose 11 kilos. Many people suffer from this disease known as diabetes that has to have very high levels of glucose with glucose we refer to sugar. People who suffer have to follow a series of treatments to cure or combat.
If you suffer from this disease we will introduce you an incredible beaten to heal and yet lose weight 11 kilos in 25 days.
Beaten combat Diabetes
The ingredients are readily available at any time of year and in any supermarket.
  • 2 bananas.
  • 5 kiwis.
  • 1 coat of red cabbage.
  • 2 apples with skin.
  • 1/2 liter of water.
Begins throwing all the ingredients to a blender , mix everything and stop until you see a homogeneous result . Obtained and ready to drink. It should be noted that you can take at any time but recommend taking it on an empty stomach in the morning and take it immediately after preparation.
After being beaten by consuming a period of time to improve your anger besides that aspect you will lose weight 11 kilos in 25 days. You should maintain a healthy diet with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals things that fill your body energy.
Over the 06 months there will be gone or you’ve cured of diabetes , your blood pressure will be stable 120/70 and improve your triglyceride levels. Remember that all bodies are different from others take them up to 01 years but the batter works perfectly.
If you have been diagnosed with diabetes do not give up, there is always a number of alternatives to combat diabetes and weight loss. As this smoothie that we recommend is the best option to apply it from now.

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